Looking for a special event your guests will LOVE?

We’ve got you covered with a FUN and CREATIVE Art Experience!

How to Schedule YOUR Paint Party!

1. Grab a Contract

Our contracts are available here in PDF format (if you can not open the contract, then download Adobe’s free PDF viewer here).

2. Submit Contract

Event dates are scheduled in the order they are received. That means first come, first served! We will call you to confirm all details.

3. Get Your Event Link

We will create a password protected event page for online purchase of your tickets. Pass the link and password out to all guests.

4. Purchase Tickets!

Purchase all of the tickets at once, or have each guest purchase their own. Your first 4 tickets are included with your Setup Fee of $100 ($40 off!).

Download your Contract

If you can not open these files, download a free PDF viewer here).

Event Base Costs

Our standard 2 hour adult event is $35 per person. This includes a 16×20 canvas and all required art materials.
This class features more complex paintings on a 16×20 canvases. Events are $45 per person, and includes a 16×20 canvas and all required art materials.
This class is also 2 hours and $35 per person, but allows patrons to paint TWO wine glasses/beer mugs. It is more free form then our standard classes, as everyone will be painting whatever they like on their glasses.
Our events for children (ages %+) are only $25 per painter, and run for 2 hours. This includes all art supplies.
Paint your Pet/Partner/House (3 Hour): $55 per person
Send in pictures and we’ll help you turn them into masterpieces!

Collaborative Collage (3 Hour): $45 per person
Work together to create a MEGA painting! This requires an additional Custom Art fee to create the Collage (cost varies depending on the subject matter, but usually $50 – $100).

Musical Chairs (2 or 3 Hour): $35-45 per person
Every time the music stops, you swap paintings with a friend!

Setup Fees/Deposit


Studio West will charge your card $100/$150 for a two/three hour class when an event is created, but this will also cover the first 4 tickets to your event ($40 off standard event pricing). They will also charge any applicable Travel, Custom Art, Table/Chair Rental, Add On Time & RUSH Fees.


For more information, download the Private Party Contract here.

Studio West Gallery

Studio West Gallery Information

111 West St., Brighton MI 48116
Located next to Jameson’s Piano Bar and THE POUND!, facing the Downtown Brighton parking.

  • Main Classroom: Seats 42 comfortably, 46 cramped.
  • Secondary Classroom: Seats 12 comfortably, 13 cramped.
  • Studio West Gallery is fully handicap accessible, including parking, ramp, and restroom.

Studio West’s Paint Parties offer an incredible new way to spice up your next event. Let our Entertainer/Instructors guide your guests through an evening of art and merriment, and they’ll be sure to talk about it for weeks! Paint Parties are great for ANY event, so don’t hesitate.

Check on Date Availability

As much as we’d love to automatically accept every event, we do have to verify that the studio is not already booked and that we have Artists available to teach the event. Please call us at (810) 534-6110 (Tue from Noon-6 PM, Wed-Sat from Noon-7 PM) to confirm our availability.

Otherwise, fill in the form below and we will get back to you during our office hours.

  • Event Organizer Information

  • Desired Event Information

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Off Site Event Information

    Only applicable for events hosted outside of our Brighton studio. Additional terms apply to off site events.

General Info for all Private Events
This information applies to ALL private parties:

  • You may select your event’s featured painting from our Art Gallery, or you can commission your own! (See the Optional/Conditional Costs section below.)
  • Our staff will setup & breakdown all art related materials.
  • All materials for the painting class are covered in the event cost, including a quality canvas (for each participant), paint, easel, brushes, apron, etc.
Events in our Studio
  • Studio events are BYOB. You may bring in your own drinks or food.
  • We suggest keeping food limited to appetizers and hand food, as you will spend most of your time with a paint brush in one hand!
  • We stock wine keys, cups, plates, utensils, & napkins available for our guests.
Events at YOUR Location

We love to bring the pARTy on the road, but we do require a few things:

  • Adequate tables and seating for all painters must be provided. 
  • Our staff will require access to a sink to clean brushes after your event. This should take approximately 15 to 30 minutes.
  • We will need access to garbage facilities to dispose of waste after the event.
Alcohol Policy
  • No underage drinking will be permitted under any circumstances. If a patron is caught indulging in underage drinking, it will stand as grounds for immediate cancellation.
  • We reserve the right to terminate alcohol consumption at our discretion.
  • We will not allow open containers to leave the premises of an event.
  • For events hosted at off-site locations owned/maintained by the patron, the patron is responsible for obtaining permission/permits from the venue.
Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy
Despite the best intentions, we understand that unforeseen events can arise, so please let us know immediately! You may opt to reschedule your Private Party with 7+ days advance notice at no charge. Should you choose to reschedule your event within 2-6 days of the event, the Setup Fee will be forfeit, but we will provide reschedule vouchers for any additional tickets. Within 48 hours of the event, all tickets and fees will be forfeit.
Optional/Conditional Costs
  • If hosted at an off-site location, a Transportation & Travel Fee will be required. Costs are determined by the distance from Brighton studio. 1-30 Miles = $25, 31 Miles + = $1 for each mile over 30. (Ex. Brighton to Macomb Twp. = 65 miles, or $25 + $35 = $60). View the Contract for more details.
  • For an additional Custom Art Fee of $50 to $100, our artists will develop a custom painting for your class to your specifications! View the Contract for more details.
  • If you require further event services (videography, photography, dj, catering, etc.), then please Contact Us to discuss your event in more detail. We have arrangements with several event service partners that might be of use to you!