Exploring Creativity…

One artist at a time

As an integral part of Work Skills Corporation (WSC) ventures and in keeping with our mission to Optimize Potential, Studio West Gallery opened its doors in 2011 to showcase artists with disabilities. At WSC, artists work in a variety of mediums, including painting and drawing, ceramics and fiber arts. Their work is then exhibited and sold in the Studio West Gallery to allow our artisans to earn income from art sales, build artistic skills, enhance quality of life and strengthen and beautify our communities through the arts.



Sammy is an amazingly open, social & charismatic person. When working in the WSC Artisan Corner creative studio she loves to listen to every Back Street Boys song and sing while she’s painting or doing ceramics. Sammy’s paintings are as colorful as her artist’s heart and she has had a series titled “Happiness” which sell at WSC Studio West Gallery and ship as far as Las Vegas to her patrons. This series helped Sammy accomplish her goal of becoming a professional artist in her own right and gain income and confidence as a commissioned artist.

Sammy also enjoys painting animals and fiber arts. She is learning how to knit on a loom currently. Her laugh is as infectious as her amazing hugs. She is an absolute joy to be around and if you meet her she will make your day. She says “I love art as much as I love my family, especially my Mama”



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