Sadashi Inuzuka: Honored professor, artist, board member

Last week Sadashi Inuzuka stopped by Studio West with a few other young artists and a big box of clay. He and these University of Michigan undergraduate students spent an hour in the classroom along with several participants from the Work Skills art program. They rolled clay, sculpted shapes, told stories, and got to know one another over the course of the hour. Sadashi, who also serves on the board of Work Skills Corporation, made the bright space social and comfortable, the goal being for the two groups to get to know one another while their hands were busy forming clay.

There was no mention of the award Sadashi recently won. But then, of course, his focus on the development of all participants in the room, rather than titles, was one of the very reasons for his new stature.

Professor Inuzuka was named recently awarded a University of Michigan Thurnau Professorship, “the highest award for undergraduate teaching conferred by the University.” You can read more about why the University selected Sadashi for this award on the University of Michigan’s School of Art & Design news page.

The Play Gallery also features an interview with Sadashi, talking about why he makes art—an interesting question for any artist to ponder.

In the mean time, Sadashi and his students will return to Studio West about once a month, spending time with Work Skills participants, and seeing where creativity and conversation may lead.

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