Norma Inloes

“I am comfortable working in a 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional format.  For variety, I alternate between the two.  I have devoted years to making assemblages, creating them using both natural and man-made objects.  Being environmentally conscious, I take pride in knowing that I save objects from a landfill then reuse them in a different context than was intended.”

“I have returned to abstract acrylic painting recently and enjoy adding collage to the painting which gives it an entirely different feel.  Although oil painting was my major in college, I prefer acrylic paint for it’s adaptability.”  There are endless possibilities with magazines, books, hand-made papers, wrappers, labels, dried leaves or flowers that can be glued to a flat surface.

Norma graduated with a BFA from Eastern Michigan University.  She has worked as an art instructor to elementary students, as an art display contractor for an Ann Arbor art gallery, has painted sets for theatrical productions, and has been involved for years in numerous volunteer groups that bring art into peoples’ lives.  She is one of the Brighton Art Guild’s founding members established 15 years ago and is currently serving as a board member for a second term and is the Exhibit Resources Chairperson.

“Art has been my passion from a very young age, it’s in my blood and I can’t imagine a day without thinking about an art piece I am in the process of making, getting pleasure looking at something I have already created or being in a dream like state thinking about something I plan to create.”