A Sensory Experience at the Studio West Grand Opening

Has a glass humming bird ever spoken to you?

Has a painting ever transformed before your very eyes under the skilled hand of a twelve-year-old?
Have you ever wondered how a piece of art on a gallery wall was made, only to turn around and see an instructor demonstrating that very technique, and offering classes in the very same space?

For the several hundred people who attended the Studio West Gallery Grand Opening on January 19th, these encounters were just a few of the unique art experiences found throughout the gallery’s large and colorful space.


What was there to see?

What was there to hear?

  • Piano music wafting from the nimble fingers of Brighton Chamber President & CEO, Pam McConeghy.
  • The energetic melody of dozens of conversations between neighbors, business owners, artists, and new friends.
  • The crowd cheering in unison, “Success!” as the official Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce ribbon was cut, scissors in the hands of Work Skills Corporation President & CEO Rod Jones, flanked by V.P.s Tina Jackson and Anita Gibson.

What was there to touch?

  • Beautiful, usable ceramics created by Special Tree Rehabilitation Services.
  • Fluffy and intricate scarves knitted and crocheted by artist Janet Walker.
  • Plenty of pens and paper to sign up for classes and events schedule to happen right here at Studio West.


What was there to smell?

  • The aroma of beeswax led many noses (and eyes, and ears) to the table of Kathryn Fox, who demonstrated the batik technique of using melted wax and dyes to create VERY colorful pieces of art.
  • Tracey Flanigan featured a few examples of her floral prowess, a skill she will be teaching at Studio West on February 16th (if you are interested in taking her class, register here!).
  • Scented candles, made by students at the Work Skills Academy, were (and still are) available for purchase.


Could you taste things too?

  • Of course! Vittles go hand-in-hand with art openings. Food and beverage were provided by Bennigan’s of Brighton.


Was this event a bombardment of the senses?

 Many of the art pieces featured at Studio West during the opening are still showing in the gallery, but not for long. Stop by soon to see the current art show, and make it a habit to stop by ever month or so to see new art by new and continuing artists.

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